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Initial Branding - Aug 2021 to Oct 2021
Branding - June 2023
New Website - Sept 2023 to Nov 2023


Meet Chaudhari - Designer
Nikhil Sharma - CEO of DigiBenders


Brand Overview

Introducing DigiBenders, a digital agency that stands out through its strong work ethic and creative flair. In a world where expertise is the norm, DigiBenders takes pride in its commitment to delivering impeccable results. They work tirelessly to ensure your vision becomes a reality, all while infusing a unique creativity that sets them apart. At DigiBenders, professionalism and innovation go hand in hand, offering you a professional yet distinctive approach to digital solutions. Join them for a journey where technology and creativity converge seamlessly.

Task Requirement

In addition to a skilled team and industry expertise, DigiBenders recognized the need for a compelling branding strategy. This strategic move aimed to communicate the agency's core values, professionalism, and uniqueness to the broader market. It was crucial for following reasons.

  • Trust and Recognition: A well-crafted brand identity builds trust and recognition, showcasing professionalism and reliability in a competitive market.
  • Consistency and Client Attraction: It ensures consistent communication, attracting quality clients seeking innovation and enhancing the agency's reputation.
  • Competitive Edge and Market Expansion: A strong brand provides a competitive edge, positioning DigiBenders as a leader and enabling market expansion and diversification.
  • Long-Term Success: A well-established brand identity contributes to the agency's long-term success and sustainability by fostering client loyalty and brand longevity.

Target Market

DigiBenders offers three core services: software development, branding, and digital marketing. Our focus is on the Canadian audience. In visualizing DigiBenders' target market, envision a scatter plot divided into four quadrants. On the horizontal axis, ranging from small to mid-size businesses, and on the vertical axis, from low to high budget. Our focus lies in addressing a prominent segment shown as blue color. This line signifies our ideal clientele: small businesses with mid to high budgets, gradually transitioning towards mid-size businesses with comparatively modest budgets. This strategic alignment allows us to cater to enterprises seeking elevated services within their financial capacity, ensuring tailored solutions for varying business sizes and budget constraints.

Our analysis reveals a growing demand in Canada for integrated software solutions that streamline management, enhance communication, and optimize sales processes. This trend aligns perfectly with our services, as more than half of Canadian businesses seek tools to improve productivity and drive growth.

Small businesses make up 67% of Canada's business landscape. Among their top challenges, branding stands out, with many businesses needing help with their websites and brand identity. A comprehensive survey shows that a majority of small businesses require website enhancements and graphic design services to strengthen their branding efforts.

In 2022, digital marketing accounted for 68.3% of total advertising expenditure in Canada, highlighting the increasing importance of online platforms in modern marketing strategies. This shift emphasizes the growing reliance on digital channels to reach and engage target audiences.

Target Audiences

We successfully identified the target audience through a comprehensive process. We conducted thorough market research, examining demographics, needs, and pain points in the digital agency and software development sector. Client analyses and competitor assessments helped pinpoint common traits among satisfied customers. Feedback and surveys from clients provided valuable insights. Detailed user personas represented diverse segments. Continuous monitoring of industry trends and testing marketing campaigns targeting different demographics ensured alignment with evolving preferences. This diligent approach enabled us to craft our branding for these 3 groups.

  • SMBs, Startups or individuals: Targeting small to medium businesses, startups or individuals seeking digital solutions and branding support for online growth.
  • B2B: Catering to businesses requiring software development, marketing boost or branding for their products or customers.
  • E-commerce and Local Businesses: Providing e-commerce solutions and digital marketing support for online retailers and local businesses aiming to enhance digital visibility and engagement.

We're aiming to attract a crowd interested in tech, design, and modern software. To do this, our brand elements—like logos, colors, and messages—need traits that connect with particular groups. These traits should feel familiar and appealing to our target audience, making them think, "This brand gets me!" By using designs and language that resonate with people in these fields, we create a sense of belonging and understanding, drawing in those who share our interests and values in technology and design.


Mood board

CEO of DigiBenders Nikhil and I were involved in this project, we wanted to take time and make sure we explore all our options before making any creative calls. We began assembling images, colors, textures, and patterns, filtering those resonating with company attributes—innovative, modern, technical, and fun. This process aids in crafting the brand's visual identity, steering choices on colors, fonts, imagery, and design direction. By offering a visual reference, the mood board aligns the brand's aesthetic and tone, ensuring consistency. It acts as a compass, guiding the visual storytelling of the brand, encapsulating its essence of innovation, modernity, technical prowess, and a touch of fun. This curated collection serves as a foundation for cohesive and impactful design decisions across the brand's digital landscape.

visual Identity


We initiated by compiling a comprehensive array of potential colors aligned with our brand's essence. Subsequently, a meticulous process began, systematically eliminating hues based on their alignment with our target audience and brand attributes. Our criteria involved excluding colors that least resonated with company attributes and emphasizing contrasting combinations conducive to our identity. Ultimately, after refinement, three colors were selected, symbolizing our values and forming a harmonious palette suitable for a 60-30-10 ratio on our website design.


The logo holds immense significance in visual identity, often misunderstood as an explainer rather than an identifier. Our approach involved brainstorming basic icons resonating with attributes like coding, fun, modernity, software development, multitasking, and intelligence. Our aim was to craft a memorable, scalable, and symmetric shape, aiming to subtly hint at the company's function if feasible. The intent was to create an identity mark that, while not explanatory, aligns with our brand attributes, serving as a recognizable and evocative symbol of our brand's essence.

The octopus, esteemed for its intelligence, symbolizes multitasking with its many limbs (though not factual, it conveys the visual idea). Our goal was to depict the octopus straightforwardly, infusing it with a futuristic, tech-driven look. This choice aimed to showcase multitasking abilities, even if exaggerated for visual impact. Using the octopus as a metaphor, we aimed for a friendly and relatable representation, merging its inherent intelligence with a futuristic appeal. The concept aimed to illustrate the notion of handling multiple tasks simultaneously, offering a visually engaging and relatable symbol of efficiency and adaptability.

We selected an octopus-shaped lined graphic element cleverly concealing the coding sign </> within it discreetly. This design was streamlined to achieve minimalism, ensuring scalability and symmetrical distribution while maintaining balanced whitespace. The refined graphic embodies versatility and visual harmony, concealing the coding symbol subtly within its form.

The text "DIGIBENDERS" was custom-crafted prioritizing optimal readability while steering clear of a corporate or mundane appearance. The design aimed for a distinct and engaging look, avoiding a dull or overly formal impression.


For this brand, the ideal typeface should embody a balance of modernity and approachability. We were looking forward for slightly unique but easy to read sans-serif type feces to convey a contemporary and clean aesthetic, reflecting the tech-centric nature of the company. Focus on legibility, choosing a font that maintains clarity in various sizes and mediums. Incorporate subtle stylization or unique elements to infuse character while ensuring the overall look remains professional and easily recognizable across digital platforms and print materials.

We opted for IBM Plex Mono for headings because of its resemblance to interface fonts used in terminals and coding software. As for the body font, we chose Inconsolata. While visually akin to IBM Plex, Inconsolata offers simplified kerning, enhancing overall readability for content.



The DigiBenders website stood as a pivotal asset, reflecting our commitment to meeting digital needs. Crafting its components from scratch ensured alignment with our service quality. Icons, illustrations, buttons, and the color scheme were purposefully designed for a modern, cutting-edge look.

We began by wireframing fundamental pages like Home, About, Contact, Services, and Blog, ensuring straightforward navigation. Emphasizing services on the homepage, each linked to dedicated service pages, maintained clarity. Additionally, the homepage featured functional images and client reviews, enhancing user engagement.

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Visual Elements

Smooth 3D, eye-catching graphics featuring an octopus were crafted for specific sections. Minimalist crypto-punk style pixel icons were employed for team portraits. Geometric patterns, reflecting a modern and futuristic vibe, were explored for DigiBenders. Various abstract shapes resembling circuitry were experimented with to embody the brand's tech-centric essence. A cohesive color palette aligned with the brand identity produced visually engaging patterns suitable for backgrounds. The focus was on evoking movement and energy while upholding a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

For DigiBenders' web layout, spacing decisions should consider the varying screen sizes of mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Maintain a consistent visual hierarchy across all devices, ensuring elements are easily accessible and navigable. In mobile views, prioritize vertical spacing and compact yet readable content. Tablets allow for a bit more breathing room, balancing content visibility with user interaction ease. Desktops can accommodate more expansive layouts with generous spacing to enhance readability and visual appeal, optimizing the user experience across different screen sizes.

Voice of the Brand

Brand voice should resonate as tech-savvy, approachable, and innovative. Strive for a tone that's conversational, yet professional, reflecting expertise without being overly formal. Emphasize clarity and simplicity in communication, blending a modern edge with a touch of creativity. Maintain a friendly and relatable approach, showcasing expertise while remaining accessible to a diverse audience.


The site uses a color scheme of bold purple and white, complemented by playful octopus graphics. Its design aims to convey a sense of creativity and innovation. The layout is modern and well-structured, with clear sans-serif typography to ensure a straightforward user experience.

This design is intended for an audience in the United States and Canada, primarily aged between 18 and 50. It strikes a balance between professionalism and a touch of whimsy. It is likely to appeal to younger adults who value creativity, as well as to older professionals who prioritize clarity and efficiency. The inclusion of real-life images and client growth statistics is intended to resonate with practical-minded users.

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Testing logos and colors on various potential brand assets is paramount to ensure a brand's consistency and effectiveness across diverse platforms and mediums. Such thorough evaluation guarantees that design elements maintain their visibility, legibility, and emotional resonance irrespective of the context, be it digital screens, print materials, or merchandise. Moreover, this preemptive approach avoids costly modifications post-production, ensures cultural appropriateness, and positions the brand distinctively amidst competitors. By understanding how design choices perform across different touchpoints, businesses can solidify their brand identity, making it both versatile and universally resonant.

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