Maryam Beauty

Beauty service provider.

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Brand Overview

Maryam Beauty stands out as a premier beauty service provider in Montreal, specializing in eyebrow shaping and skin pigmentation services. Their team comprises seasoned experts equipped with cutting-edge tools, dedicated to delivering consistently exquisite results. Prioritizing top-tier products, they guarantee a refined and beautiful outcome with every service. Boasting a strong social media presence, they've amassed a following of 6000 loyal Instagram supporters.

Task requirement

In the competitive landscape of Montreal's beauty and makeup industry, this business sought an elegant visual brand identity. This identity aimed not only to establish trust and credibility among customers but also to differentiate itself from competitors. By embodying the business's values and offerings, the brand identity aimed to provide customers with a clear understanding of what to expect from the business, ultimately influencing their decision-making process in favor of this establishment.


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I'm gathered all relevant elements to steer me in the right direction. This includes compiling images of related environments, assets like design elements or resources, and the step-by-step process. Additionally, I'm exploring various sources to enhance my understanding, such as researching industry trends, seeking inspiration from successful projects, and incorporating my insights into the process. The goal is to create a comprehensive repository that guides and inspires my work, ensuring that I have a well-rounded perspective and access to essential resources throughout the project's journey.

visual Identity


The selected dark green and golden hues evoke a sense of opulence and excellence. I'm confident that these colors will elevate Maryam Beauty's visual identity, setting them apart in the beauty industry and drawing in a dedicated clientele. This distinctive mark will forge a robust brand image linked with luxury, beauty, and top-notch service, ultimately amplifying the business's value.


I crafted a contemporary, upscale identity mark for Maryam Beauty, exuding luxury and elegance. The mark portrays a face nestled within a flower enclosed in a mirror or oval outline, delivering a feminine vibe without overpowering, considering our 10% male clientele, with an expectation of increased male engagement over time. Ensuring inclusivity, the design appeals to a diverse customer base. It embodies sophistication and timelessness, fostering a resilient brand image. I meticulously experimented with fonts, selecting a harmonious pair that enhances the mark's professionalism. Designed for adaptability, it seamlessly fits diverse platforms—ranging from business cards and brochures to social media and websites—ensuring a consistent and refined brand presence.


The Maryam Beauty website is designed for simplicity and effectiveness, offering ample information to attract and inform potential clients. By showcasing previous work, it grants clients insight into the business's service quality, fostering trust and credibility. This feature also provides a comprehensive view of the services available.

Ease of access to the booking page facilitates convenient appointment scheduling, a pivotal element that bolsters the website's conversion rate. Optimized for diverse devices, the site caters to users accessing it via smartphones or tablets, recognizing the prevalence of mobile internet browsing. Its user-friendly interface and easy navigation ensure swift access to desired information, enhancing overall user experience.



Testing logos and colors on potential brand assets is crucial to ensure consistency and effectiveness across various platforms and mediums. This comprehensive assessment ensures that design elements remain visible, legible, and emotionally impactful regardless of the context, whether on digital screens, printed materials, or merchandise. This proactive approach helps prevent expensive modifications after production, assures cultural suitability, and positions the brand uniquely among competitors. Understanding the performance of design choices across different touchpoints allows businesses to strengthen their brand identity, creating a versatile and universally resonant image.

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